March 30th 2010

Mom’s stuff:
Well, I have a fair amount of stuff I want to do this week (as usual): finish a chapter of my synthesis, clean and vacuum the living room and dining room and visit with some friends. The last one is the one I am looking forward to! We have friends coming for dinner tonight, I’m going out to see one of my best friends and her kids tomorrow and hopefully getting together with a good high school friend on Thursday. I have to say, while it is tiring to go out sometimes, it is really nice to talk to adults and it is fun to show the little guy off!

LP’s stuff:
Well, LP has had a busy weekend and beginning of the week! His Grandma (CA) was out to visit and he LOVED it. Grandma had WAY more patience than mom, and the two of them were fast friends. LP also appreciated how much more clear and rested his mom was since Grandma was there to help out 🙂 LP also made his first college trip yesterday! He went to a grad school seminar with Mom and was the most perfect baby ever!! He also had a big night last night – it was his first night alone in his room. He did really well, and stayed with his current schedule of letting mom get at least 3 hours of sleep. But he was ready for mom cuddles this morning, so we both got a short nap from 8-9:30.

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