April 15th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
Well, I feel like I’m really starting to adjust to being home with baby instead of being at work. It doesn’t feel like a short break from work anymore – it feels like a lifestyle change, at least for the time being. Instead of feeling like time just hanging out with LP is keeping me away from writing or work, I am feeling like my writing and work is keeping me away from him. This doesn’t mean I’m not taking full advantage of any time he is sleeping to get stuff done – especially on my masters. And I relish the time I have on Monday’s to really focus on my writing and thinking about teacher development. However, I’m starting to realize that being with my son is not only a real job, but is one that I can enjoy, especially for the next few months before I return to teaching.

LP’s Stuff:
Well, today was a red-letter day. Before he left for work Dad got a BIG smile from LP. We are both supremely confident that it was a social smile in response to dad, not just “gas” or other such thing. I have yet to get a smile that big, but I figure that is because I’m around all the time and therefore boring. LP is also getting quite good at grabbing toys and batting things on the activity mat. He is pretty cute when he squirms around. I think that he assumes its the squirming that leads to him hitting things because he doesn’t quite get how it’s his hands doing the job. He is still doing pretty well at night, although he does better when Dad wraps him up for bed since Dad has got the baby burrito thing down.

Cute sleeping baby

He grabbed that ring ALL BY HIMSELF!!!

My boys and Nuzzle (taken while Mom was hard at work on her synthesis!)

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