April 26th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
As I work on finishing up my synthesis project for my master’s I have noticed a shift in how I am thinking about being a mom. When LP was just three weeks old I was lucky enough to have my mother-in-law here for a weekend, and I was able to escape baby duty long enough to go work on my paper at my local coffee shop (a place I used to be almost every day of the week. I wonder if they miss me!). At the time I honestly felt like I was escaping and getting a break, and in many ways I was. This weekend, (with LP at 7 weeks) I went back to the coffee shop to work, this time leaving the G-man in charge. It still felt like a bit of a break, but I found myself really missing both my guys, but especially my little one. I was certainly more productive, and it was nice to work without some of the distractions at home. But now that I am working more at home (or attempting to get work done) I find that what distracts me most is wanting to do stuff with LP rather than having to do stuff. Today he was fine in his swing, but he was cooing and wiggling a little, and I really wanted to hang out with him instead of work on my paper. So I took a break and we read a few of his books together. While I know he won’t remember these moments, I do know they matter to him, and they will be far more precious memories for me than if I ignored him and just continued editing Chapter 3 (which will now have to be edited when LP goes to bed, but its worth it!)

LP’s Stuff:
This little guy it totally growing! Not only is he bigger and starting to get a bit more of that chubby baby face going on, but he is developing like crazy. Putting his hand in his mouth is pretty much a routine at this point, and he is starting to both grab small things and try to grab larger items. Today on the activity mat he really looked like he was trying to grab one of the objects. When he was stretching both his arms for it, it reminded me of the times I have tried to do weight-lifting flys with too much weight, and had my arms strained to pull the weights up. He starts fussing with that after a while, but I think he is mostly frustrated, so I let him keep trying for a bit before I pick him up – I figure it will be build character. He is also enjoying being read to and played with, and it is really fun to interact with him.

Pictures and Video:

Lucas with Sloth Bear and Nuzzle – his favorite furry creatures!


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