May 29th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
At different points in my life I have done things that make me feel stronger and more independent, and which often involve a bit of risk (the one of the main one was moving out to the East Coast with no job and only really knowing one person out here). Some of the positive results of taking these risks is that I often feel more independent and stronger after the fact. I think it has to do with feeling like “hey, if I can do that, I can do anything!” With having a baby the actions that qualify as risks may seem silly. I remember that going to meet a friend for lunch with just LP and myself when he was four weeks old seemed like the biggest deal in the world. But after we made it through without catastrophe I started to feel way more confident about taking him out in the world. This week was a week full of such events. On Sunday I took LP on an airplane for the first time, just me and him. It was tiring for sure, but it went well. He was calm for the most part, probably calmer than me. Then we spent two days at my sister’s place, without LP’s swing or crib. LP adjusted very well, probably better than me. On our way back home, I was feeling both very happy to be home, but also a sense of accomplishment. Yes I was exhausted, and it has taken me a few days to really recover, but I did it. I figure if I can do that, I can do almost anything with LP on my own. And so today he and I went for a run with him in the jogging stroller. It was nothing compared to our plane trip, but it was something I had been putting off because I wasn’t sure how it would go. But hey, after traveling by yourself with a baby, there is nothing you can’t do!

LP’s Stuff:
As mentioned above, LP had a very busy week with his traveling. He is also now sleeping without being swaddled, mostly because it has been warm and we want to get him used to it. So far, so good, although he did wake up at 2:30 the last two nights. He loved the jogging stroller this morning – his little legs were kicking up a storm, and he smiled at people as he ran by. However, his most impressive accomplishment this week was the way he rolled over. Now when I put him on his tummy he can roll over, although, to be honest, it looks a bit more like flopping over. But he loves it, and it is pretty fun to watch! No more leaving him sitting on the couch while I grab my breakfast though – sigh.

Pictures and Video:

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