June 25th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
Unlike my other blog, I don’t have titles for my posts here, other than the date. But if this post were going to have a title it would be “Multi-tasking.” One of the hard things I have had to learn about taking care of a baby is that I don’t get to finish things when I want. Every day I have to develop a strategy to get things done in little pieces, and I also have to accept that there are some things that just won’t get done. However, there are the occasional glorious days where I have a long (more than 20 minute) block of time to do something. Today was just such a day – after a tiring day yesterday where he had to be with me at work from 7 am to 5 pm, LP is currently taking a super long nap – he went to sleep around 9:15 and it is now 11:30. When he first went down for his nap, my plan was to read through some of my e-mail, especially the articles on some of my teacher listserves. However, as I was doing this I had trouble focusing – I kept jumping around, thinking of other e-mails I needed to write, trying to complete another blog entry, etc. I’m sure part of this is the way the internet works – I know a lot of people who do this online. However, I wasn’t always like this. It took me 45 min into LP’s nap to chill out a little bit and actually get some stuff completed (including finally cleaning the kitchen – yee ha!). While this distracted energy I have is fine for now, I do wonder how I will readjust (or will I readjust) come September, when I go back to work.

LP’s Stuff:
This has been a red letter week for LP! First of all, let me say that he is the most amazing kid (yeah, I’m biased!). I had to work two days this week – one at home and one at my school, and he was amazing and well-behaved in both very trying circumstances. He is also turning into a regular moving machine. Yesterday he was launching himself out of his car seat (when he was unbuckled) and changing his diaper and getting him dressed has become an olympic event since he wants to roll around and wiggle so much. His latest feats are attempting to sit up, which he can do pretty well, but he pretty quickly falls to the side, and sticking his foot in his mouth – literally, not figuratively (we have a few more years until that happens!). He is becoming really fun to spend time with and interact with, but he is also becoming a handful! He is definitely curious like his dad – we can only hope that is not coupled with his mom’s stubborness!


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