July 29th, 2010

Mom Stuff:
It has now been two weeks since the G-man has been home with me and LP and we are loving it. It is so much easier having two people around. I don’t have to take the baby with me everywhere I go, when we go grocery shopping, or out to lunch, or really anywhere its not a complicated safari – its just going out. It is also nice to be able to get things done during the day and not be completely at the mercy of LP’s moods because someone else is always there to help! I’m starting to be a little sad about leaving both my guys during the day when I go back to work, but we are incredibly lucky to have our time as a family this summer and I am determined to make the most of it, even if it just means chilling out around the house and helping LP with his crawling!

LP’s Stuff:
LP has been a really busy guy, and he has become quite the traveling baby. He has already flown more in his first five months than I did in my first five years, and he has become quite adept at getting used to new places. I love that he is still really friendly with people, and loves to be around them. Taking him on the bus, or into the airport, is really funny because he just stares at people. People usually stare back and start talking to him (which of course makes him smile) even though they only rarely talk to me. LP is pretty much on a solid schedule now, with some variation. He goes to bed between 7-8 and gets up between 5-6 (sometimes between 6-7, which is AWESOME!) He is naps for about 2-3 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon, and still eats at standard three hour intervals during the day. He also has been having solid food at dinner time with us. He recently graduated to real food (not just rice cereal). I’m proud to say that his first non-rice cereal food was pureed organic carrots from the farmer’s market. All this food will be even more necessary soon since LP is totally on the brink of crawling. While he still can’t really sit up on his own he now routinely pulls himself up on his hands and knees and moves/flops himself forward. If we put something that he wants out of his reach, he can go get it, albeit slowly (which is helpful!) I figure he will be pretty fast and mobile just about the time I go back to work (ha ha Dad – your turn!)

LP at the beach!

Yummy yummy food

LP and his Auntie Alicia!

Look at me Mom!

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