August 29th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
Well, tomorrow I’m officially back to work. I’m incredibly lucky to be leaving L-P with the best daycare imaginable – his Dad-extraordinaire! I think my two dudes are going to have a great time together, and I already am looking forward to getting home to them every day. While I am totally going to miss my little guy during the day, I am also looking forward to going back to work. Since I started working a bit last week I have realized how much I really, truly missed the intellectual rigor of my job as a teacher. I loved the time I got to sit around and lesson plan last week, and I had a couple meetings with colleagues that were both enjoyable and useful. I keep saying that I have missed grown-ups while staying home with LP, but really that’s not the whole story. I got to see a lot of friends (and even made some new ones) when I was a full-time mom but I’m realizing I need a bit more than that. My job as a teacher gives me lots of problems to solve, time to play with language and some purpose to life that I really value. Its not a comparison with the purpose my son gives to my life – the two are so different that you really can’t compare or rate them. But my work is part of my life, just as my son is, and, though society might sometimes expect otherwise, I’m O.K. with that.

LP’s Stuff:
This baby can really haul! LP is a crawling, standing, jail-breaking, sweet-potato eating machine!! He continues to enjoy pulling himself up to standing, as well as playing with his myriad of toys in his baby pen. Lately he has been pulling himself up in his crib, so when we go in there after naps or in the morning, he is standing up with his arms over the sides, looking expectantly at the door. Time for dad to lower the crib mattress as low as it can go!! LP has also now fully mastered the sippy-cup, which is a good thing because it is how he is going to get his mom milk three times a day now!! He is also fully into his solid food – so much so that he actually keeps his hands down and lets us feed him without getting in the way too much. He still ends up messy (and so do we sometimes) but at least its not a battle!

Food and Fitness:
We are all eating healthier now that dad is in charge. The G-man is an amazing cook – much better than me and also more detail-oriented. Last night he made a wonderful dinner of jerk-spiced portabello mushrooms and sauteed spinach and tomatoes. We have also been making homemade food for LP. By far his favorite is sweet potatoes, but he also likes apples and pears. About a year ago the G-man decided it was worth it for us to get a Vita-mix – the same kind of blender that they have in smoothie places. It was ridiculously expensive for a blender, but we use it everyday for smoothies, and we use it to make our own hummus, soups, and now baby food!! Two sweet potatoes costs $1.40, and we can very easily get the equivalent of 14 baby food jars (at 60 cents a piece) using our Vita-mix to puree it. So, LP will continue to get homemade organic baby food, often from the farmer’s market, which should make him quite a happy vegan baby!

LP and mom at Wright’s Pond after a little swim
LP – playing with is toys
I can feed myself (the Levey side rears its ugly head!)

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