October 16th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
Fall is easily my favorite time of year, and I have always loved going for walks on fall afternoons. Now I’ve decided that fall walks with a baby are even better! It is nice to take LP out on a brisk day in the Ergo carrier since he and I can snuggle on the way to wherever we are going. While the baby carriers made me (and baby) hot and sticky in the summer, they just add to the snuggly nature of fall. To top it off LP has an adorable red and grey hat I made him before he was born (and finished after he was due!) and he is super cute when wearing it. When we were at the store today several people said “that hat is so cute!” and one woman came up and asked me where I got it since she was looking for one just like it. I got a little kick out of saying “I made it.” I just hope to get a few more beautiful and rain-free weekends like this before winter sets in.

LP’s Stuff:
Food is a huge part of LP’s day (and therefore Dad’s day). I personally think he is also enjoying the contrast between the way mom handles food and the way dad handles food. Let me give some examples.

How to prepare the baby for feeding:

Dad: make sure the food is all prepared and ready to go, and the baby has his bib on.
Mom: (half-way through) “Oh shit! I forgot the bib! Guess this outfit is done for the day.”

How to serve the baby tofu:

: gives him one piece at a time and try and get him to pick it up using the pincher grasp.
Mom: throws 3-5 chunks of tofu on the tray and then eats her own food while she watches LP go at it. If you want I want to know how much he ate, I start with the number of cubes I gave him and subtract the number that ended up on the floor.

How to decide which new foods to introduce:
: “Let’s look at the list of what he has eaten. Now, lets consider the nutritional value of the foods we want him to eat and gradually introduce him.”
: “Hey, I’m eating something. It doesn’t have nuts in it. Let’s try mushing it up and giving it to the baby.”

How to feed mush (of various sorts) to the baby.Dad: Spoon the food in the baby’s mouth. Inevitably some of it will get on his face. When you remove the spoon use it to scrape off this excess food and feed it to the baby. This prevents food build-up on the face.
: “Ha ha!! He got green goop up his nose!”

Its good for a baby to have variety in life, right?

Food and Fitness:
I’m not going to talk about fitness right now, because the lack of it in my life depresses me. However, I have been eating very well thanks to my awesome hubby (the aforementioned “dad”). He is quite the cooking machine, and we have been having some wonderful bean dishes (like Snow Chili and Leek and White Bean Cassoulet) as well as lentils (Red Lentil Artichoke Stew – yum!). And since LP has just started to try and stand on his own I think he is thriving on our vegan diet!


One thought on “October 16th, 2010

  1. >As LP's grandma — who just returned from a FANTASTIC visit with the world's most perfect baby — I can firmly attest to the accuracy of the descriptions of mom's vs. dad's feeding styles!

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