October 30th, 2010

Mom Stuff:
Well, I’m still working on the work-life balance thing, but I improved a little bit this week by taking my first sick day ever. Don’t get me wrong – I have been out of school before, but always in a planned and prepared way, and usually as part of a trip, professional development event, etc. This week I was sick over the weekend, not fully recovered on Monday, so I called in sick on Tuesday. I have to say, it was much easier to justify when it wasn’t just about me – I needed to be able to help with baby care, and I couldn’t do that if I had a lingering cold for two weeks (which is usually what happens to me when I get sick). So, I stayed home, I rested, and, lo and behold, I felt better. In fact, I am pretty much cold free. The G-man, who has been trying to get me to take an actual sick day for years, has thoroughly enjoyed saying “I told you so.”

The G-man is continuing to cook delightful vegan fare, and this week he made some amazing falafel. He used the recipe from The Vegan Table, but he used the food processor to really mash up all of the ingredients, which resulted in falafel that held together much better. Paired with the cucumber/dill yogurt sauce, it was delish!

LP’s Stuff:
Our little man is doing very well and still crawling like a maniac. He seems to be way more into talking in the past couple weeks, although his goos and cries sound a bit like he is imitating the cat when she is mewing for her dinner. He can now stand on his own for about 10 seconds, and seems to enjoy pulling himself up on anything he can get a handle on. He also has developed a love of baths. He could play in the water with all of his toys all night, and he is especially cute while he is doing this!! LP continues to sleep well at night, and he still loves his food – especially cheerios (well, Trader Joe’s brand) and vanilla soy yogurt. This morning he shared a blueberry muffin with mom, much to his delight.


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