November 6th, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
I really, really miss my baby when I’m at work. Maybe this week was especially hard since I had to attend a training on Wednesday night and grade notebooks on Thursday and Friday. Maybe the issue is that he has been particularly cute lately as he keeps trying to stand up and walk. But, whatever it is, I really, really missed my baby this week. It is so wonderful to come home to him and get big hugs and smiles, even though it sometimes he is a bit freaked out when I walk in wearing my bike helmet. I am continuing on my quest to improve my work efficiency so that I can spend more time with my boys, and we will see how all my planning pans out when the new term starts in a week.

LP’s Stuff:
LP has started to figure out that plain tofu is just that: plain. He is way more into avocado, fruit and veggie puree and cheerios that he is his tofu cubes. What used to be his favorite finger food now just seems to be a fun mushy toy. I guess I’m going to have to start making big batches of tofu scramble!

LP is also working really hard on standing and walking. He cruises along the couches by walking sideways. The last two days he has also done a great job entertaining himself, which the G-man sure appreciates! Our little guy is a busy dude all the time, which is making taking him out a bit more difficult, but it is still nice to get him out enjoying time with other kids. Now if we could just stop him from grabbing their hair . . .

Food Stuff:
This week one of our dinners was roasted veggies and waffles – one of my personal favorites! We tried roasted delicata squash thanks to Cadry’s Kitchen, and I loved it, although the G-man wasn’t too excited. Of course, I think anything paired with waffles is a winner!


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