December 13th 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
After a pretty crappy couple of weeks it was nice to have a weekend to relax and hang out with my guys. We stayed in, set-up the X-mas decoration and during nap time I shopped for gifts online. All it all it was a nice time, and it’s a good reminder that it is ok to take some time for me and my family when I can. I also feel better because I was able to talk through some of my stress with my friends who are also moms. Nothing helps more than talking to a friend who gets it – and I mean really gets it. I am so grateful for those strong, steadfast and amazing women that are part of my life (mom and teacher alike!) – thank you so much!

LP’s Stuff:
LP went in for his 9 month check-up today. The doctor asked the G-man if LP was sitting up and crawling, to which the G-man scoffed. LP has continued to toddle along, and today he took about 8 little steps in a row. It’s definitely not full-on walking, but it is pretty damn close. LP also has four teeth full in at this point, and he is enjoying the new found game of “crunch it” which involves crunching Cheerios, crackers, blocks, and the side of his crib. Now that he is eating even more we look forward to sharing some X-mas goodies with him, like Tyropitas, gnocchi, and wedding cookies. I think we’ll leave the bourbon balls off his plate for a few years though.

At LP’s doctor appointment the declared that he was in very good health. His weight and height are moving along nicely, he has good muscle tone and, my personal favorite, his iron levels are “outstanding” Booya – my vegan baby don’t need no meat!!


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