January 2, 2010

Mom’s Stuff:
After a wonderful and relaxing week off I’m getting ready to go back to work in a couple of days. While Thanksgiving was a while ago, Christmas and New Year’s always makes me stop and reflect again on the things I am grateful for. This year I have a lot in my life that makes me happy: my amazing, brilliant and adorable son (who I still love, even when he keeps me up all night), my caring, funny, insightful and loving husband, an amazing family who will travel vast distances in snowstorms to see us, and then still be excited to get up with a baby at 5:30 am, friends that are like family and a job that I really do enjoy, even though I have been pretty cranky about it for the last month. A holiday toast to all these things that make life worth living!

LP’s Stuff:
LP is now prefers to walk instead of crawl, even when he wants to get someone quickly. He will still crawl when necessary (such as to chase the cat) but he is enjoying walking an all the exciting things he can reach as a result. LP had a wonderful Christmas where he got many noisy toys (grrrr), AWESOME all-terrain wagon and where he learned, pretty quickly, how incredibly exciting it was to unwrap things. After Christmas LP has had some fun meeting more kids after going to visit “Together in Motion” where he went right into the play area and started chasing all the girls, and after going to see our close friends with a four and two-year old. The four-year old and LP got along great – mostly because the C (the four-year old) got to show LP everything, and LP then got to watch and run around after C.

LP is also exanding his palate by eating more and more food with mom and dad. His favorite food when we go out is definitely french fries (sweet potator or regular). He also enjoys noodles, mushed beans, bananas, avacado and saltines, but these are just extra treats for once in a while. He still gets primarily green mush (greens, sweet potatoes or squash, and onions) and purple mush (blueberries, coconut milk, baked apple and infant cereal). And he is still a healthy, growing baby boy!

Food and Fitness:
We had a wonderful time hosting my parents and sister for the holidays, and we ate a lot! Since one of the most common questions I get asked is “What do you eat” I thought I would list some of the many foods we consumed over the 5 days of Christmas (and 2 days of blizzard):

  • Vegan Lasagna
  • Eggplant Caccitore
  • Tyropitas (see my other blog for the recipe!)
  • Warm Lentil Salad
  • Cholent (a bean, lentil and veggie stew)
  • Pumpkin pie cheesecake
  • Chocolate Mint Cookies
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Pumpkin/Applesauce Bran Muffins


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