March 3rd, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
Today is a big day – LP is turning one year old! It is kind if exciting to look back and think about where I was a year ago – in a ton of pain, but still pretty excited. I still pretty vividly remember the point in labor where I realized that, no matter how much pain I was in, the kid wasn’t going to turn around – the sooner he (it) was out, the better off I was going to be! It is really amazing to look at LP now and think about the fact that, a year ago he was just an abstract idea in many ways – we didn’t even know his sex, and my only focus was to get him out of my body as fast as humanly possible. Now he is a walking, (sorta) talking little dude, with a ton a personality! Sometimes I don’t know how much I am really molding my child – he dad is the one who is home with him all day. But then every once in a while I see my influence (genetic or otherwise) creeping out- usually when LP asserts his will. Watching LP grow and change this first year has been totally amazing, and it makes me so happy to think about all the fun, interesting, exciting (as well as painful, excruciating, difficult and intense) times we will continue to have with him year after year. And so continues the roller-coaster we call parenting.

LP’s Stuff:
For his first birthday LP had a wonderful day! He and his dad went to the Museum of Science, where he got to run around the children’s area (and I mean literally run). LP and his dad also hung out and watched the tamarind monkeys for a while, and the museum host wished LP a happy birthday! The boys then came home for LP’s nap, after which he opened his presents and skyped with his grandma and grandpa. Finally, he ended his special day with a special dinner – pizza! We made a yummy pizza with Daiya cheese, bell peppers, red onions and pineapple – and LP loved it!! He really enjoyed the sticky cheese, and he had a goopy, cheesy grin after each bite. He followed up by skyping with his Uncle and then going to bed after a nightly reading of Goodnight Moon. All in all it was a busy day for a little guy, but he had a great time on his first day as a one-year old!

Food Stuff:
As mentioned above, our little vegan baby did enjoy his first vegan cheese! He is long beyond baby mush as food, so here is a little “taste” of LP’s favorite foods these days:

Green Smoothies:
I have been making green smoothies using kale, frozen mango, banana and orange juice. These smoothies are really delicious, according to both me and LP. When I am enjoying my smoothie in the morning, he shares with me by using his new-found straw-sucking skill. I’m not measuring, but I think it is safe to say he is getting about a 1/3 of my glass.

Grilled Tempeh: We have been loving the smoky grilled tempeh recipe from Veganomicon. It involves a marinade of maple syrup, soy sauce, garlic and liquid smoke – need I say more. We marinate the tempeh and grill it up and it is a favorite of LP. He enjoys it so much, he often won’t have much else on his plate if we bring out the tempeh first!

Pictures and Video:

LP with his great-grandparents (he has four of them – how awesome is that!)

I’ll help you clean dad!

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