April 25th, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
Nothing like a week off with my boys to feel good about life. LP is so fun these days . . . tiring but fun! I love running around after him, or taking him on a walk and watch him scurry around so that he can touch and play with all the interesting things in the world (ya know, like grass in the sidewalk, the slide at the park, a shrub that his dad is cutting down). Watching him really makes me want to slow down and live in the moment a bit more. It is easy to get caught up in all the things we have to do day in and day out, and I pretty quickly get obsessed in planning what I’m teaching next week, what we are having for dinner tomorrow, and generally planning for the future at the expense of enjoying the moment. Having time to just enjoy LP this week reminded me why the moments matter so much, and I’m resolved to live them more!

LP’s Stuff:
Yesterday was LP’s second Easter, but I like to think it counted more since he was totally a blob last year at this time. LP got to go on the neighborhood egg hunt and he had a ton of fun putting plastic eggs in his Easter basket – and then pulling them out and putting them in again! We were pretty impressed since he had to stay up past his nap time, but he was a trooper, and didn’t even want to go to bed when the fun was done.

LP is also growing more teeth! He is up to six – three on the top and three on the bottom. He is getting even more adept at running around and now can reach most of our tables, where he routinely runs his hands across them trying to get a handle on things he is not supposed to have.

Finally, LP had a GREAT time with his grandparents (AZ) this week. He took them to the park and showed them his favorite slides. He also provided them with a night full of crying and screaming to help them feel nostalgic for my own baby days 🙂 We all had a great time and miss them lots.

In a quest to get more greens in my diet I have started making green smoothies in the mornings. Happily LP LOVES these smoothies and usually ends up drinking half of mine! As a previous green-smoothie-phobe I can attest to these smoothies yumminess. Now I even enjoy the green color rather than having to close my eyes when I drink it!
Green Smoothie:
About 1 cup of frozen mango
About one cup chopped and rinsed (and maybe frozen) kale
1 banana
Orange Juice and water (as much as needed

Its a smoothie. Blend it a long time to get the kale really mixed in. If you want your omega-3s, blend in a couple tablespoons of flax seeds! Share with a baby for some weekend fun!

Video: The Easter Egg Hunt!


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