April 27th, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
Nothing better than a warm spring evening spent munching on pita and hummus with my husband and my baby while sitting on our front porch. ‘Nuff said.

LP’s Stuff:
Man, this kid is busy all the time!! Today he spent quite a while making laps around our car in the driveway, and an equal amount of time making laps around the recliner after dinner. LP just loves to move. One of his latest dance moves is to bob his head to the music – it is too cute! He also loves to go over to our CD player and press play so that he can hear his Barenaked Ladies CD “Snacktime.” He also loves to listen to music from Glee with me (lucky for me – the G-man does not enjoy that quite as much!)

Tonight for dinner we had a delirious black bean soup with kale and rice from Vegan on the Cheap. LP enjoyed the carrots and he also had a great time eating buttered toast to go with the soup, all with a “side” of veggie dog. It was another amazing dinner from the G-man!

Our little Rock Star (thanks Auntie A!)

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