May 1st, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
It’s the time of year when job postings are out for educators. I get a lot of e-mails with these postings and I often browse to see what is available out in the world. There were a couple of opportunities that sounded interesting, but I am not going to apply for them for a number of reasons (the chief one being that I really love the school I work in and the classes I teach right now). However, this browsing got me thinking about what career moves I would make in the next few years. I would be thinking about this entirely differently if I didn’t have a one-year-old at home. In someways I feel like I’m a bit on the mommy track – I want to wait a few years until LP is in school before I start thinking about any big career moves. But it feels really strange to think about the “mommy-track” when I’m also the working parent while my husband stays home with our child. It’s like career limbo in some ways. I’m supposed to be ambitious (since I’m in charge of bringing home the tempeh bacon) and I’m supposed to be home and help care for my child and the house (because I’m the woman). I don’t know quite where to go with it since I’m not entirely sure what I want in the first place, since I can feel like I want either of these things at any given time.

Oh well. I’ll guess I’ll just keep plugging along with the parenting mantra that has gotten me through so far. The G-man and I have always said that LP will need therapy as a result of our parenting at some point – we just want to postpone it as long as possible 🙂

LP’s Stuff:
First major injury! I guess that is not something to be excited about, but it is a milestone. Up until now LP has had bumps and bruises galore, including one really big goose egg over his eye just a couple weeks ago. But yesterday at the park LP raced to the first step of the play structure and went directly, mouth-first, into the second step. Screaming and bleeding ensued. He had managed to get a couple of cuts inside his mouth and one on his chin. The poor little guy cried for a while, but pretty soon he was ready to run around again. It is amazing how fast they recover from this stuff! Although, this morning he woke up looking like a prize-fighter with a purple, swollen bottom lip. That’s my tough guy!

This week we are on a mission to get more vegetables in LP’s diet. He gets a ton of fruit, grains, protein and fat, but most of his veggies come from our morning green smoothies. This is mostly because it is still hard for him to chew things like bell peppers or big stalks of broccoli. So this week we are on a mission to roast some veggies for LP to munch on. Tonight we are going to have “greens” bowls: Each bowl has a layer of quinoa (cooked with veggie broth), a layer of steamed kale (with a bit of lemon juice) and a top layer of roasted butternut squash. LP will miss out on the kale, but that ok because he had it for breakfast! (in the aforementioned smoothie!)


Yummy Carrot Ginger Soup!

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