May 2nd 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
After participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Change a couple of weeks ago (and winning a stroller – thanks Diaper Lab) I began really thinking about how we use cloth diapers. I love our cloth diapers – we use the G-diapers with the cloth liners. However, we have been using disposable diapers at night for a while. And that has slowly been creeping into using disposables at nap time to. After talking to more cloth-diapering parents at the big diaper event I really started thinking about how I want to re-commit to cloth diapers all the time. It’s hard because it is not fair for me to tell the G-man what to do during the day when he is the one who deals with the diapers. And often our G-diapers lead during naps and nighttime when LP is rolling around. But we tried another diaper (a pocket diaper) for a nap and it worked well. So, my new project is to get down to Diaper Lab and try out some other pocket diapers and go to all cloth all the time!

LP’s Stuff:
LP and I thoroughly enjoyed a snack outside this afternoon. We got to sit on the porch, enjoy the sunshine and nibble on animal crackers! Spring is truly here! LP also enjoyed a jaunt to the park and the store today, so he got plenty of outside time. Tonight he also helped me with dinner – he picked up some pieces of kale for me and put then in the saute pan. Between that and the good job he does helping me mix up waffles we might have a little chef on our hands!

We recently enjoyed a fantastic meal of carrot ginger soup and warm bread from the bread maker. The soup came from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudrou. While this book is a book about entertaining, it has so many recipies that are part of our daily rotation. I can’t recommend this book enough, even for busy families like ours!


Untitled from Marie Levey-Pabst on Vimeo.

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