June 21st, 2011

Mom’s Stuff (The Walk Home):

I take the giant step from the bus to the grey, damp sidewalk.  The heavy rain has halted, but there is still a damp quality to the air.  I hitch my back-pack onto my sweaty back and prepare to walk the last two blocks to home.  I pass the brick wall that lines one front yard as I move to quickly jaywalk a diagonal line across George street.  I am not the only commuter, but the others peel off to their car or their homes as we make our way down Clark.  As I get closer to home their is a bit more bounce on my step, and the burden on my back seems to get a bit lighter. Even amidst the grey sky I revel in the post-rain air and the ever-so-slight breeze.  As I turn the corner a bright sight greets me.  A white shirt stands out against the grey landscape and the dark brown deck our house.  I see them before they see me, but then my husbands waves, bends down, and stands back up holding a wiggly little boy in a white t-shirt, bright orange diaper and sandals.  As I get closer, both boys come down the front stairs to meet me.  The smile on my son’s face shines through the grey mist like a beacon, and my husband and I both smile joyfully and simultaneously as our little man climbs down the stairs to greet his mom with a hug and his beaming grin.  And I think to myself “what a wonderful world.”

LP’s Stuff:

LP is staring to understand more and more these days.  Today the G-man told him “go get your shoes so that we can play outside” and LP scurried off and started to put on his sandals.  We have made a big deal to LP that he shouldn’t touch the fan, but he likes to walk up to it, put his hand real close to it, and look at us to wait for a reaction.  He may not say much, but he KNOWS what is going on – for better or for worse!


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