June 25th, 2011

Mom’s (and LP’s) Stuff:

Last night we went to a Matt Nathanson concert downtown.  It was part of the Phantom Gourmet Barbeque Fest (which was not enjoyable for us), but the G-man and I both love Matt, and we would not pass up a chance to hear him live.  I have only recently gotten my act together enough to find a potential baby-sitter so that the G-man and I can have an occasional night out.  We have found someone we like, but it was too last-minute to ask her to babysit last night.  So, the whole family was off to the concert.

With LP in the baby-backpack, we hopped on the T, and away we went to Government Center, in a light drizzle, for a 7:00 pm concert.  LP’s bedtime is 7:00pm.  I was pretty tired and I wasn’t sure how this was going to go.  But as soon as we got into the gates, we started to have fun.  The rain stopped, and the crowds were sparse (perhaps because of the weather).  That meant that LP had the run of the place.  He ran through the middle of the fair-area.  He ran through the family-friendly beer garden.  He made friends with little Jocelyn (who was a year and a half) and with Cheryl, who was selling Bud light.  And when Matt Nathanson took the stage LP continued to run around and dance.  I still think “Faster” was his favorite song, although we did get him to play some air guitar when Matt performed a really fun cover of “Here I Go Again.”

As we trooped home, I was thinking about how great this was.  It wasn’t just the fact that the G-man and I were still able to go out to an event in spite of having a little kid.  It was that the G-man and I had a fantastic time at the concert because we had a little kid.  While we couldn’t go up to the front of the stage, we wouldn’t have anyways; that’s just not how we roll.  Instead, we enjoyed some really quality family time and made sure to start the continue our very important job of building LP’s knowledge-base of 80’s classics.


We are still enjoying our CSA box from Enterprise Farm.  Last week for Father’s Day LP and I made waffles topped with blueberries for Dad, and we have enjoyed two Vidalia Onion Quiche that used up the delicious and sweet Vidalia onions.  I can’t get enough of this Quiche recipe from Vegan Brunch.  I used to think quiche was something that had to go by the wayside when I became vegan, but I was wrong!  With a simple blend of onions, ground almonds and extra-firm tofu, plus a bit of nutmeg, we had ourselves a delicious and filling dinner.  But beware – if you have Vegan Brunch DON’T use their pie crust recipe – it is mis-printed.  Instead, use the pie crust recipe from Joy of Vegan Baking, or any other version you have.


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