July 22nd, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about living more sustainably.  I want to start growing more of our own food, and I want to continue to get all of our summer and fall produce from local farms.  I also have become really interested in preserving food, and I want to can some tomatoes and salsa this year and buy and freeze some veggies and fruit from the farmer’s market.  Just this week I bought 3 pounds of the best blueberries I’ve ever had from the farmer’s market for $18.  We have been munch away at them, but we are going to freeze some also so that we can continue to have some of these fantastic blueberries well into fall.  Next year I want to buy even more blueberries and cherries to freeze next year, and I want to grow more tomatoes and kale to eat and then to preserve.  It is a dream, but I think next summer LP may enjoy gardening with us a bit more, and it could be a fun family activity.  While he enjoys “helping” us outside now, it usually involves him trying to get some water from the hose or stomping on basil plants.  So, we will start small and grow big next year.

LP’s Stuff:
Our little guy is really growing up.  We were sorting through bags of clothes last night that we had set aside for when LP was “older.”  Well that time is now, and there were a lot of clothes in those bags that are already too small for him.  We did find a lot of things for him to wear now, and hopefully in fall.   It is a little sad to see LP growing up so fast.  His hair is getting really long, his cowboy boots don’t fit and his super cute Harvard Scientist shirt doesn’t get over his head.  It is just like everyone said to us “they grow up so fast!”  I love watching him get so independent and develop personality, but watching him get bigger is mind-blowing – he literally grows every day.

Of course, part of LP growing so much is related to how much he eats!  Blueberries are definitely his favorite thing right now – he could eat them all day, and he knows how to take his bowl to the fridge and point to the fridge and say “ga” as a way to request this yummy treat.  He also continues to down his morning smoothies, be they green or blue.  Last night we enjoyed sweet potato puree with coconut milk and corn on the cob.  LP enjoyed both, but he especially enjoyed eating corn on the cob – it was definitely both food and entertainment.

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