August 31st, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
Sometimes I’m just so amazed by my child.  It never ceases to surprise me how so much personality can fit inside one tiny little person.  LP may not say much, but he is able to think, plan, communicate, imagine, reason, problem-solve and a whole host of other things.  Tonight, as I was giving him his last sippy cup of the day, I just looked at him in awe.  He is such a person, and he just continues to grown more into his own distinct person every day.  I just can’t believe he came from me and the G-man.  At some level our little guy is just a combination of DNA.  How he went from that little blending of cells into the true little person he is today seems so miraculous.  When I shared this thought with the G-man he reminded me that people have been reproducing for years, but I’ve decided that the fact that it is happened for millions of years does not at all detract from the magic that is my child.  Because that is truly what he is – a magical combination of genes, environment, experience and intellectual light.

LP’s Stuff:
LP has been getting more and more interested in playing with other kids.  He loves his buddies in the neighborhood, and he is interacting more with other kids at the playgrounds.  He has also been doing a good job with playing by himself more.  He has done some “quiet play” (mostly putting his toys in various buckets, pots, etc.) before bedtime these past few nights, and it is nice to watch him be so independent.  LP has also really turned a corner in terms of following directions.  He now responds more consistently to us when we say “stop” or “wait” and he is able to follow some simple directions.  He continues to help out in the kitchen by throwing things away for us or getting up on his special chair and helping us run the food processor.  Sometimes I think we have a budding chef on our hands – but that is usually before he tries to eat an orange, peel and all.

Food Stuff:
As I head back to work we are refocusing our efforts on simple dinners that can be prepared, or at least mostly prepped, in advance.  Tonight we had on of my favorites – falafel from The Vegan Table.  We didn’t have pita bread, so we had falafel patties, topped with cucumber and dill yogurt sauce and diced heirloom tomatoes.  It was delicious for everyone, even though LP seemed to prefer the yogurt portion.

Fun in the wheelbarrow!

Sacked out

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