September 18th, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
Today we went out to lunch as this fabulous new local vegetarian place called Veggie Galaxy.  All three of us got some yummy food!  I had a hot chocolate and tofu omelet with vegan cheese, soy chorizo, jalapenos and arugula.  The G-man had a tofu and tempeh club with potato salad and a root beer float, and LP had . . . french fries.  Lots and lots of french fries.

If you have read this blog much, you know that our little guy usually eats healthier than this.  Heck, his favorite parts of our dinner two nights ago were the shitake mushroom and edamame in our homemade fried rice.  He can’t get enough fruit (pear, orange, apple, you name it) and he chows down on chickpeas as a snack.  But when we go out to eat (somewhere vegan friendly, for obvious reasons) we need to make some compromises.  LP isn’t eating any nuts except almonds (because we’re not sure about allergies yet) and whatever we get him has to be manageable for him to eat on his own and sometimes not in a high-chair.  So, what is our consistent go-to dish for him?  The same food I was eating in my bar days years before LP existed.

French fries.  Usually doused in ketchup.

So, if you have to take your vegan kid out somewhere, the best advice I can give you is order some fries.  They are yummy finger food and they keep our guy busy while the G-man and I chow down.  Sure, it may not be a perfect plan.  Sometimes I think I should be the kind of mom that has a much healthier snack that we bring with us for LP to eat.  But, let’s be real.  If I was that mom I probably wouldn’t be so damn excited about the vegan two-scoop brownie sundae at Veggie Galaxy.  Fries may not be the best nature has to offer, but they are a god-send when you really want to enjoy that amazing tofu omelet.

LP’s Stuff:
In addition to enjoying fries (and, really, any and all things doused in ketchup) LP has been munching on pears, chickpeas, tempeh and greens this week.  He also has a ridiculous amount of energy – at night he has been running in circles through the house yelling at the top of his lungs.  This is always followed by him falling fast asleep at bedtime, so I’m not complaining, but just watching him wears us out!

Yesterday LP went to his first music class of the fall session.  Once again, he spent most of the class running around in ways that were not dictated by the teacher and the music, but he did have a good time when the instruments were brought out.  LP also like being the music teacher’s little helper, and he always helps her bring the toys and instruments back to the table.  His favorite song so far is “Itsy-bitsy Spider” perhaps because his Nana has sung it to him on Skype.  LP has been working on his bike riding, and is almost able to propel himself on his tricycle now, although steering still seems to be a distant goal.  He loves to run around and play outside, and the G-man and I are both dreading the snow and what that means when LP is stuck inside all day.

Here are some of the things we have ordered for LP when we eat out.  These are foods that he will eat, sometimes un-aided.  Of course we usually share our food with him as well, but these have been go-to foods that keep LP busy.

1. French Fries/Sweet potato fries!  (And ketchup)
2. Plain tofu scramble
3. Homefries (I know – this is a cheat – it is almost the same as french fries)
4. Toast (plain or with Earth Balance)
5. Side of black beans
6. Side of guacamole
7. A plain flour or corn tortilla
8. A paper cup (not technically a food, but tearing it to shreds kept him busy the time I met a friend and forgot to bring toys)
9. Vegan ginger spice cookie (desperate times called for desperate – and sugary – measures)
10. Noodles with red (marinara) sauce


Visiting with the kitty-cat
Ready for school
Tough guy (after two shots at the doctor – one in each arm!)

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