October 2nd, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:
The other day I was holding LP’s hand as he walked down our stairs – something I do quite often.  Lately he has been getting better and better at walking down stairs by himself, and I was holding his hand loosely.  He started to move a bit too fast, and I was able to grab him a bit tighter and keep him from slipping.  We continued down the stairs with little concern, but this brief moment got me thinking.  LP didn’t even know there was a problem in the first place.  He never questioned the fact that I would hold onto him.  In the grand scheme of things, my and the G-man are still his protectors, and he gives us his hand to hold without a second thought.  But I knew that there was a brief moment when I might have let go, when I might have been distracted, and LP might have been hurt – not permanently, but temporarily.  I wonder how much of parenting will continue in this way.  I wonder what moments of peril I will know about, but LP will ignore.  Based on the students I see in front of me, and my own recollections of my teenage years, I don’t think his lack of awareness is going to change anytime soon – all I can hope is that the G-man and I can grab hold of him when it matters.

LP’s Stuff:
LP is TALKING!!  That’s right folks, our kiddo TALKS!  He has WORDS!!  We are soooo excited . . . except these are his words:

Cheetah (pronounced “tah tah”)

Nuts (pronounced “nuzzz”)

Apple (pronounced “baba”)

Yeah, I was hoping for mommy and daddy, or at least something he would used for his stuffed sloth bears.  But he loves apples and the cheetah in his Snoozers book, and his dad taught him to say “nuts” in a context I won’t mention on this family-friendly blog.  Oh well.  They don’t always do what you want when you want – with kiddos you just take what you can get!

Food Stuff:
This month I’m blogging for Vegan MoFo at my other site: etvegan.wordpress.com.  Check it out for fun vegan tips, recipes and info!


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