October 16th, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:

Being back at work for the last month and a half has been difficult after a fun-filled summer.  As I work 10 hour days and come home with more to do, it is somewhat inevitable that LP gets closer to his dad – and a bit more distant from me.  I accept this, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  He only wants his dad to give him is bedtime soymilk, and when he gets hurt dad is the only one who can help.  We still get along and have fun, LP and I, but it’s different for the 10 months I work.

But then I feel close to him at the oddest times.  When he refuses to sit where his is supposed (but is sitting just fine somewhere else).  Or when he digs his hands into wet sand and then grins up at me.  Or when he flings his fork on the floor accident.  In those moments I really feel like LP is channelling the “Levey-side.”  So maybe I don’t get nighttime snuggles the way his dad does.  When he lets out the belch you swear came from a fifty-year-old trucker I just think proudly to myself “That’s my son!”

LP’s Stuff:

LP’s stubborn side is rearing it’s ugly head!  We he doesn’t want to do something, he will stomp his little feet – it is actually kind of cute.  He is also communicating way more, and now he will make noises for the pig, cow and sheep on his tractor toy.  He is also really enjoying books, and he likes to sit on the floor and browse through our plethora of cookbooks!  LP has been enjoying the many apples we have at our house these days, and he is able to just munch on them the way we do.  He also has figured out that not all cereal is the same, and his tastes have matured – now he will whine for Barbara’s shredded squares when he is not in the mood for boring old cheerios.

Food Stuff:

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Yummy avacado

More goodies!

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