November 14th, 2011

Mom’s Stuff:

Well, it’s been a busy month judging by the dearth of posts here.  I have been busily grading end-of-term work and trying to also keep up with LP as he runs around constantly.  I have also been pretty much useless around the house since every spare minute I have has been spent grading, entering grades, making materials for the new unit, etc.  I really count myself as soooo lucky to have the G-man.  He keeps the house running, he keeps me and LP happy and fed and he still finds time to fix stuff around the house.  He is truly my superman.

LP’s Stuff:

Big news: LP got a haircut!  Our little boy is definitely growing up.  We (meaning the G-man) sat him in a chair in front of the computer with the “Wallace and Gromit” DVD, and proceeded to trim our little man’s hair.  While I was really, really sad to see his curls go, I do have to admit they were getting tangled and harder to comb out.  And LP does look pretty darn awesome in his new “big boy” hair cut.  He really looks like a different kid!  Luckily he doesn’t act like a different kid.  He still loves to be chased around the house, loves to work on his animal puzzle, and today he was enthralled with the newly washed legos his dad presented him with.

Food Stuff:

We got our last CSA box on Wednesday, and we are still on the hunt for suggestions for what to do with rutabaga.  We might be resigned to having lots and lots of mashed rutabagas for weeks to come, but we gladly welcome other suggestions!  It is also time for us to start planning our thanksgiving feast!  We spend Thanksgiving at home, just the three of us, most years, but we cook enough food for an army.  We always have garlic mashed potatoes, a vegan version of my mom’s stuffing and some pumpkin related dessert.  This year I want to try the pumpkin cheesecake from Post Punk Kitchen and I’m playing around with main-dish ideas.  I might try making an autumn risotto again, or maybe some sweet potato latkes.  We’ll see what sounds good as we get closer, and I promise to post recipes and a menu when we get it sorted out!


Just want to make sure you know your place, Dad
New ‘do!

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