March 3rd, 2012

Mom’s Stuff:
Today is my son’s second birthday.  We had a very special day.  LP’s aunt and her roommate came up for the weekend, and they have had a grand old time playing with LP and all of his new birthday presents.  Also, the G-man and I got the chance to go see a mid-day movie, which was really fun.  This was the third time in three weeks where we have left LP with someone (twice family, once with a friend).  All three of these times LP has cried and clung to us as we walked out the door, only to calm down within the next 10 to 15 minutes at least.  All three times we came home to a happy child who greeted us and then went right back to playing with his “babysitter.”  I really thought some strange little part of me would be sad when he didn’t really stress out about us being gone anymore.  But actually, I am completely, 100% happy that his crying when we leave appears to be just for show, and that he bounces back from being “left” so quickly.  As he gains more independence and abilities I am just so amazed and so thrilled to see LP grow into a person that makes his own decisions and choices.  He is learning cause and effect as it relates to his actions, and this is just the beginning of that journey for him.  Over the last two years I have watched him go from an infant (who I affectionately called my little “blob”) to a person, but I think we are just now embarking on the journey of seeing him become his own person.  And I can’t wait to see who he becomes.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this LP kid – even if he makes me crazy when he is 16 🙂

LP’s Stuff:
We had a SUPER busy birthday for our little guy today.  No party – mom couldn’t get her act together – but we did have a “mini-party” with LP’s auntie (“ti-ti”) and uncle “wow-wow.”  LP started his big day by having a huge green smoothie, and then it was off to music class!  At music class he amazed me and his teacher by dancing right on beat to the “bells of westminster.”  He also make sure to hug almost everyone at the end of class.  Then we were back home hanging out with family and opening presents.  “Ti-ti” and “wow-wow” put LP to bed for his nap, and then he was back up again.  We got a special dinner – Regina’s pizza (hold the cheese) and LP got a little sparkling apple cider with his dinner. After dinner we marked his height on the all – LP is 35 and 1/4 inches tall!

All day LP was using all his words, including “please,” “help,” “basketball,” and “more.”  We made him a birthday cake, but we figured that the sparkling apple cider was enough sugar before bedtime, so he will get his “cookies and creme” cake tomorrow.  Finally, he ended the night cuddling with Mom and Dad and sloth bears while helping us read “Little Blue Truck” (LP says all the “beeps” in the book).  Overall, a fantastic two-year birthday!

What do you make a vegan kiddo for his birthday?  Delicious vegan cake!  I made the chocolate cake from The Joy of Vegan Baking and topped it with “cookies and creme frosting” from the new Sticky Fingers cookbook.


I love these pink socks!

Score on my new basketball hoop!

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