Sunday: Picture Day!

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Oatmeal with almonds and brown sugar for breakfast, as well as our usual smoothies.
  • LP enjoyed some bread with almond butter for breakfast too!
  • Chipotle fajita burritos for a picnic lunch, followed by some sesame shortbread cookies
  • Crackers and chips for a snack
  • Warm Lentil Salad (from The Vegan Table) (on top of CSA lettuce) for dinner

Money Matters:
During the month of June we have a bigger budget than we will in July.  This is partially because I am still working, and there are costs that come with that (transportation, classroom materials, meeting co-workers for weekly Friday breakfast, etc.)  So, rather than be completely limited by our “Year of Family” budget, we are simply trying to be more aware of our spending this month, and trying to cut down on “extras.”

Today we spent the following:

  • $38,95 at a local Asian market (Reliable Market in Union Square) we we stocked up on silken tofu, brown rice, dried mushrooms and other goodies that will last us a few months at least.
  • $13.80 for Chipotle burritos to enjoy while hanging out at a large park by the Mystic River.  We also picked up a free side of corn salsa for LP to enjoy as he shared buriitos with Mom and Dad

Sunday’s Picture Gallery:

Enjoy these pictures and videos of our family (well, really LP) in action!

Our first deck dinner of the season!
Our vegan barbeque spread – veggie burgers, toppings and LP’s favorite: fries with ketchup!
Getting ready for “Night-night”

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