Tuesday Toddler Update

Vegan Goodness:

Today we had:

  • Cream of Wheat made with 1/2 soymilk and 1/2 water (mom) and a smoothie for LP and his dad!
  • Pasta salad (with edamame, carrots and radishes) and corn chips for lunch (mom)
  • Ginger lemonade and a vegan biscotti from Crema Cafe for a snack for mom – on the way to my weekly baby check-up!
  • Black Bean and Kale soup with quinoa instead of brown rice – yum!
  • Side of roasted cauliflower
  • Coconut Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream (splurge for preggo one!)

Money Matters:
During the month of June we have a bigger budget than we will in July.  This is partially because I am still working, and there are costs that come with that (transportation, classroom materials, meeting co-workers for weekly Friday breakfast, etc.)  So, rather than be completely limited by our “Year of Family” budget, we are simply trying to be more aware of our spending this month, and trying to cut down on “extras,” like trips to my local coffee shop.

Today we spent:

  • $8.00 on a gift for a co-worker
  • $5.00 on lemonade and a biscotti from Crema Cafe
  • $18.57 on groceries to deal with mom’s cravings for ice cream adn strawberries.

Tuesday Toddler Update:
LP has really been working on the bike riding this week!  He has a tricycle and a large plastic bike that is low the ground.  He has been “riding” the low plastic one by sitting on the seat and running with his feet (almost Flinstones-style).  This is an improvement from sitting on his bike and waiting to be pushed!  LP is also getting really into his library book entitled If you see a cuddly kitten . . ..  He calls it the “kitty book.”  The book has a different page for a variety of animals (such as a kitten, slugs, a peacock, etc.) and for each animal there is something for you to “say” (such as “awww” “yuck” and “oooh”)  At this point LP knows most of the sounds to go with the animals, and he has added some editorial statements of his own (such as “no touch” for the porcupine)

LP has also started welcoming the neighbors home from work.  Both yesterday and today he ran up to one of our next-door neighbors when they got home and gave them a big hug.  Luckily, they know and love him!  He certainly is a cutie – and I think he knows it!

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