Wednesday Workout . . . plans that is.

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with almonds and brown sugar for mom and cereal and smoothies for LP and his dad.
  • Lunch: Leftover “No Name” from Grasshopper for mom, as well as a slice of chocolate malted cake from Veggie Galaxy thanks to my amazing roommate!  The G-man and LP had TJs black bean enchiladas with some avocado, veggie dog and “cute buns” (LP’s word for hamburger buns) on the side.
  • Pretzels for mom’s snack.
  • Dinner: Tofu Scramble and Blueberry Pancakes.  After a long, hot day the G-man was feeling pretty lousy, and I wasn’t up for doing massive veggie cleaning and chopping while also watching LP.  So, we had a delicious tofu scramble with edamame and carrot and some yummy pancakes.  LP even helped me flip!

Money Matters:
During the month of June we have a bigger budget than we will in July.  This is partially because I am still working, and there are costs that come with that (transportation, classroom materials, meeting co-workers for weekly Friday breakfast, etc.)  So, rather than be completely limited by our “Year of Family” budget, we are simply trying to be more aware of our spending this month, and trying to cut down on “extras.”

Today we spent the following:

  • $10.00 on bus/train fare (added to mom’s transit card)
  • $2.00 on an italian soda that mom drank while finishing up school work in an air conditioned coffee shop!
  • $30.00 on our CSA box.  CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture, and many local farms across the nation have this program.  Simply put, we pre-paid around $700 in order to receive a box of fresh, local produce every week (from June to November) from a local farm.  We get our CSA share from Enterprise Farms, which is one of the bigger farms in our area.  We like their shares because there is a lot of variety, and their produce is great!  Although we have prepaid for our CSA share, I put it in our budget on a monthly basis to remind us that we have spent that money on groceries already.

Wednesday Workout:
I continue to try and work out a little bit at a time in my daily life.  Today I pushed myself to take the stairs at the T station instead of relenting and taking the escalator.  But as the weather gets nicer (or at least hotter) and the runners start coming out I’m starting to get runner envy.  I really miss running!!  One of the things I remember enjoying most when being home on maternity leave with LP was our morning runs in the jogging stroller.  When he was little we just ran and ran, and when he got older I would run a loop that went by the park, where we got to stop and play before going home.  I’m starting to get excited about pulling out the jogging stroller for baby #2!  I hope that I will walking briskly a couple weeks post-baby, and hopefully running within a month.  I figure when the baby is up and going at five am anyway, it will be the perfect time to get a summer run in before the heat hits!

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