Tuesday Toddler Update: Counting and a Big Boy Bed

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal (with brown sugar and sunflower seeds) for mom and smoothies and oatmeal (with cinnamon) for dad and LP
  • Lunch: Lentil Salad and corn on the cob for mom – I was at a workshop that was catered with a “bbq” them for lunch today.  Hence the corn on the cob.  Like most vegans, I packed my lunch (of lentil salad) because you never know what the options will be!
  • Snacks included apple slices, almonds, pita chips and hummus and crackers, most of which mom and LP shared!
  • Dinner: White bean pizza (from Vegan on the Cheap) with CSA tomatoes and basil.  Quite delicious (or “yum yum” as LP says!)  LP also enjoyed a post-dinner treat of raspberries (from the farmer’s market) while he watched the train video on dad’s computer.

Money Matters:
Another exciting no-money-spent day!  That might start to make up for our stocking up yesterday!

Tuesday Toddler Update:

LP has been really into counting lately.  He is not too worried about accuracy unless me or dad push him, but he loves counting up to ten!  This weekend, when I took him to the park, he spent the entire ride home in his wagon counting to ten in a little whisper.  Sometimes he forgets 1 or 6, but he mostly gets it right.  Occasionally he will just start shouting “8, 9, 10” at the top of his lungs for fun.  When we push him he can count objects up to ten, which is pretty cool.  I think he is developing number-sense, which is super exciting.  We’ll have to start working on the concept of “0” next, which might blow his mind (since the concept of “1” was quite a long time coming).

LP also graduated to a big boy bed this weekend!  We took the side off his crib so that he can get in and out on his own.  The rule is that he has to stay in bed when we put him down for sleep or a nap, but once he wakes up he can get up and move around.  So far he seems to like it and he is super proud of the fact that he “helped” dad take down the crib panel.  We only had once falling out of bed incident on the first night, and he was really just scared, not hurt.  He was back to sleep within one minute of being cuddled and calmed.  Since then, no mishaps, although I’m holding my breath for the first time he wanders into our room at 6 in the morning for more cuddles.

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