Tuesday Toddler Update: “Thank you” and “Please”!!

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies (green for mom, regular blueberry for dad and LP) and some toast. This was our fuel for our one-hour hike with Babes in the Woods
  • Lunch: Leftover pasta and veggies for dad and leftover white bean, kale and potato cassarole for mom and LP
  • Snacks included vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips for mom, some chips and salsa, cheerios and crackers for all!
  • Dinner: Vegan BLTs, with homemade bread, tofu bacon, CSA tomatoes, lettuce from our backyard, CSA radishes and avocado.  We enjoyed this feast at the local pond after some serious swimming and playing!  Mom and dad enjoyed some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies after LP went to bed.

Money Matters:
We made a run to Whole Foods to get some groceries for the next five to seven days, including soymilk, bananas (for smoothies) and potatoes for soup.  We also got some vegan cheese, sour cream and yogurt that was on sale, mostly so that we had some easy go-to food for when the baby makes its appearence!

  • $29.33 at Whole Foods (groceries)

Tuesday Toddler Update:

LP craves attention, just like most kids (and teenagers, from my experience).  He is constantly running up to me and the G-man saying “mommy, mommy, mommy” or “daddy, daddy, daddy” and then showing us his latest accomplishment (putting a puzzle together), asking for a book, or showing us the bird he saw outside.  He certainly doesn’t like it when we are doing something else!  When we make the mistake of opening a computer in front of him, he is right there, asking to see his train video, and then not letting us rest until the computer is closed and he has our attention once again.  We are glad there are two of us to manage this, since we can usually take shifts when one of us has work to do, like when I had to write up a paper this week, or the G-man is taking care of our garden.

As part of his new demanding episodes, we are trying to get LP to ask for things nicely rather than grabbing for them.  So, if he wants to share mom’s water, or turn on a fan, he is allowed to, but he has to ask, nicely, with a “please.”  He quickly learned that saying “please” with a cute little smile got him almost anything he wanted.  We have also been working on him saying “thank you” when we give him things, which he has latched onto.  He says “thank you” when we give him food, a toy, etc.   I think he is enjoying this so much because we also say “thank you” to him when he does things like like follow directions, put on his own shoes, carry something for us, etc.  He has started doing things to help, and then looking at us expectantly and saying “Thank you goo-goo (his name for himself)” and waiting for us to give him a polite “thank you.”  Of course this is not always the case – tonight he had a meltdown because we had to rush bedtime along, and there was no polite discourse – just tears and confusion.  But, in general, he is becoming a polite little guy, especially when it serves him well!

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