Wednesday Workout: Stretching and Hiking

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for mom and LP, and pancakes for all of us.
  • Mom had some cornflakes as a snack.
  • Lunch: A mix-and-match affair of leftover coconut rice with butter (LP) and black bean and avocado quesodillas for all three of us.  Mom and Dad also had some chips and salsa.
  • Dinner: BBQ baked tofu with edamame succotash – very yummy!  LP called the tofu “too spicy” as he devoured it, so we think “too spicy” means “just right!”  This was followed up with a holiday treat at JP licks where we all shared some delicious lemon-raspberry and mojito sorbet.

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $15.50 at Rite Aid for some eye drops – both the G-man and I have had some killer allergies lately!
  • $7.50 on Amazon for some baby and nursing needs
  • $9.00 at the Farmer’s Market for tomatoes and blueberries
  • $30.00 on our CSA box.  CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture, and many local farms across the nation have this program.  Simply put, we pre-paid around $700 in order to receive a box of fresh, local produce every week (from June to November) from a local farm.  We get our CSA share from Enterprise Farms, which is one of the bigger farms in our area.  We like their shares because there is a lot of variety, and their produce is great!  Although we have prepaid for our CSA share, I put it in our budget on a monthly basis to remind us that we have spent that money on groceries already.
  • $6.00 on our JP licks ice cream treat

Wednesday Workout:
This week I’ve been trying to squeeze mini-workouts in while I can.  I still do stretching and squats while hanging out with LP in the playroom.  We have also walked to the library and the store instead of driving, which is a good way to get me moving.  Also, yesterday, we did a pretty decent hike in the Fells with Babes in the Woods (a local group that does guided hikes for parents and kids).  Between the hiking and carrying LP for a good chunk of it, I got an upper-body and lower-body workout!  Not bad for some exercise the day before baby #2 is due!

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