Thursday Baby Update: Being Late

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies for dad and LP, and a bowl of cereal for mom.  LP also enjoyed some blueberries and cheerios on the way to the park this morning!
  • Lunch: Leftover pasta and veggies for LP and dad, and nachos with black beans and jalapenos for mom.  Mom and dad also had some Cesar salad with romaine from our CSA and some homemade Cesar salad dressing from The Vegan Table.  Super delish!
  • Mom snacked on yogurt and chocolate chips during LP’s nap, and LP had some bread and butter post-nap.
  • Dinner: We had a fantastic time at a friend’s BBQ, where we enjoyed amazing homemade bean burger, grilled zucchini, lots of salad with beets and delicious grilled bread.  Truly a wonderful vegan feast with wonderful friends!

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $12.86 for another Whole Foods run – we needed some more fruit and some more soymilk.
  • $14.28 at Home Depot for some more garden needs
  • $42.59 at Target for some special treats for our soon to be big brother (and some stuff for dad)

Thursday Baby Update:

Well, I’m officially going to have another “late” baby.  My due date was yesterday, and just like with LP, my due date came and went without a contraction in sight.  However, unlike last time, I’m way more relaxed about it.  This baby can take it’s sweet time – right now I’m fully immersed in enjoying some time with my boys as we go to the pond, run around at the park and hang out with friends.  I’m happy that I’m still feeling good enough to go out and do things, even if does mean I occasionally need a nap in the late afternoon.  I also feel much less anxious about going into labor, now that I’m not at work or an hour’s drive away from home.  I know that I will know when I’m in labor – I remember it well enough from last time.  Last time I was super anxious since I had planned everything, including my sister’s visit, around my due date.  This time around we are able to far more easily live one day at time until our next little one decides to make his/her appearance, and I’m even enjoying it along the way!

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