Thursday Baby Update: Last Pre-baby Update!

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies for dad and LP, cereal and toast for LP and mom (LP got two breakfasts this morning!)  LP also had some cheerios on our way to the park.
  • Lunch: Lemon soy yogurt and couscous with carrots for LP, a cucumber/tofu spread/avocado sandwich for mom and leftover indian food for dad.  We are trying our darndest to make some room in the fridge!
  • LP and mom shared some crackers and cream cheese for a snack.
  • Dinner: We enjoyed lots of great salad, corn, fruit, bread and hummus a a potluck with friends for dinner!
  • Mom and dad had some chocolate mousse and popcorn after getting home – mom is really into the sweet/salty mix.

Money Matters:
Today we did spend anything (which I’m finding easier to do since I don’t want to get up off the couch, being overly pregnant and all!)

Thursday Baby Update:

Well, baby #2 is over a week late now.  I have a date set for induction if he/she decides to continue to postpone her appearance.  As I was getting ready to write this post, I realized that, one way or another, this is the last “baby update” I will be writing without an actual baby!!  I also realized that our CSA box yesterday was the last one we will pick up before the baby arrives.  These aren’t the biggest milestones, but it is funny that, after weeks and weeks of waiting, it is finally down to the wire.  This baby is coming.  Our lives are going to change once again.  As the finality of it really hits me I’m both excited and nervous.  I love our little family as it is, and part of me is sad to see it change.  But I am, of course, also very excited to have another little one in our lives.  As we put LP to bed tonight I thought about how much he has grown and changed in just two years and I can’t believe we are about to go on that same adventure with another little person.  It promises to be an amazing journey, that will start early next week at the absolute latest!

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