Workout Wednesday: Getting back into it (and the newly launched 30-day Vegan Challenge!)

An Exciting New Opportunity

Have you considered being vegan (or even tried it for a while) and found it too difficult or too daunting?  Check out this new program from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: The 30-day Vegan Challenge!  With this program you get daily e-mails with menus, recipes, shopping lists, videos and podcasts that guide you on your vegan journey.  Just try it for 30 days, and watch how quickly your life can transform!

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate the following.

  • Breakfast: Cream of wheat with raisins, green smoothies and green tea for LP and Mom, a bowl of cheerios for dad.  
  • LP snacked on his new favorite snack all morning – almonds!  I was nervous about him chewing them enough (he often gets distracted) but he really loves them and he  makes sure to really chomp on them. 
  • Lunch: LP and dad had pita bread, hummus, avocado and tabbouleh sandwiches.  Mom had a black bean and corn enchilada from Trader Joe’s.
  • For a post-nap snack LP had grapes and more almonds.  Mom shared his grapes and had some chips and salsa with vegan sour cream as well.
  • Dinner: We had red curry with tofu, carrots, bell pepper and swiss chard over coconut rice.  All the veggies came from our CSA!
  • Mom and dad had some delicious lemon raspberry sorbet for dessert

Money Matters:
In the past week, we spent the following:

  • $30.00 for our CSA box.
  • $50.89 for groceries (like raisins, avocados and almonds) at Costco
  • $4.24 for envelopes – we finally ran out after several years!

Workout Wednesday

Walking, walking, walking!  That is the main workout I’ve been getting this week.  I just recently stopped taking ibuprofen every six hours, and I’ve been trying to ease back into physical activity.  I’ve gone on several walks, including to the park with LP, to the library, and several laps around the block.  The first time I walked into Medford square (about a week ago) I was totally sore the whole next day.  But after a long walk on Monday I was still feeling pretty good, so I think I can push myself a bit more.

I’ve also been trying to get my abs and core back in shape little by little.  I’ve been doing pelvic tilts when I get a chance (usually when IP is in the swing and LP is playing on his own – a rare occurrence).  I’m hoping IP starts to get a handle on sleeping and nursing well at night so that I can get up early (like around 5 of 6) with her and get a bit of a workout in before LP gets up.  But I think I need to wait until I get more than 3-4 hours of sleep (total!) a night before we start that!

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