Thursday Baby Update: Our big girl with some early routines

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies, yogurt and cheerios for Mom and LP, and some cream of wheat with raisins for Mom as well.  Dad had some cheerios and juice after he got to sleep in a little bit.
  • We all enjoyed some delicious Haley House muffins for a snack, thanks to a visit from a friend from the “other” side of the.  LP also continued to nosh on almonds
  • Lunch: Mom had leftover soup and crackers with spinach cream cheese.  LP and Dad had pita sandwiches with hummus, avocado and tabbouleh. 
  • LP had some crackers for a post-nap snack
  • Dinner: We had a picnic at the pond with Boloco burritos, courtesy of a gift card from my parents.  It also let the G-man do some catch up on dishes and cleaning, so now our house is looking slightly more livable!

Money Matters:
Today we didn’t spend anything, but were instead entertained with good friends, a pond visit and lots of garbage trucks!

Thursday Baby Update:

Our little girl was 2-weeks old yesterday.  At her two week doctors appointment she was 9lbs, 6oz, which is above her birth weight!  That took some of the pressure off me since she has been a bit fussy when she is eating, and I wasn’t sure if she needed more food or if something else was wrong.  It turns out she might have just been saying to me “Mom, I’m full!”

Our little girl is quite a trooper.  She has taken quite well to both the Moby carrier (Mom’s favorite) and the Ergo (Dad’s favorite).  She is willing to be carted around, even in warm weather, as we follow LP around on his bike, on trips to the park, etc.  She does like to see the world, and when she is well-rested, fed and has a clean diaper she enjoys just looking around her.  She seems to be focusing on faces that are close to her, which is both exciting and super cute.

One of the interesting things about having a new baby is that she is actually on more of a schedule than LP was.  To be fair, she kind of had to adjust to LP’s schedule to a certain degree.  However, she has her rhythms, which I am learning to cope with.  She wakes up around 4am to eat pretty consistently, and it has been really difficult to get her to go back to sleep afterward.  Today I just went with it, and got up with her.  We went downstairs and she hung out in her swing and I did some cooking and cleaning.  Overall it was much more pleasant than the struggle upstairs to quell her cries and get her to go back to sleep while the G-man was trying to sleep.  We’ll see how she does tonight, but I think I may just have to transition to being a super early bird for a while.

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