Thursday Baby Update: Out and about

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies and rice crispies for Mom and LP, and some cheerios for Dad.
  • On our way to visit friends LP snacked on almonds and raisins, and when we got to our friend’s house we all snacked on cherry tomatoes.
  • Lunch: A fantastic southwest salad that our friend made.  It was filled with amazing local CSA veggies and topped with homemade dressing.  Yum yum!
  • Dinner: Kale, Udon and Mushroom in Miso Broth – a great one dish meal from Veganomicon!
  • Dad made Mom some yogurt topped with chocolate chips for dessert.

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $20.00 on gas for the car

Thursday Baby Update:

Our little IP is still doing quite well.  She continues to be adorable and enjoy with lots of cuddles and kisses from her big brother.  She is definitely focusing on faces, and she seems to enjoy it (i.e. not cry) when we get close to her and make faces and try to interact with her.  She is also pretty tolerant of tummy time, which is nice since I remember that LP did not like it at all at this age.

The only thing that is getting a bit difficult with IP these days and nights is her sleep.  She will sleep – most of the day in fact – but she often won’t go to sleep unless she is walked around and bounced.  And it isn’t enough to bounce her for a couple minutes either.  It can often take 20-30 minutes of fairly active walking, rocking and/or stair-steps.  During the day this isn’t really a problem, especially since we are running around after LP anyway.  But at night it is been a bit rough.  She will sleep for a long stretch that ends at 2 am, but at 2 am she eats and then needs to be walked/bounced for a while.  Getting her to then sleep in the bassinet isn’t working so well.  Last night I just gave in and brought her downstairs and put her in the baby swing, and she slept for another three hours while I crashed on the couch.  I keep reminding myself that this stage does end (we went through a similar stage with LP) and someday, eventually, I will be able to sleep at least six hours, consecutively, in my own bed, without having to get up and do a cardio workout in the middle of the night.

IP has also been doing well getting out into the world!  This week we went to the park, over to see other babies for brunch “across the river,” and out to visit more friends today.  She was a trooper for all of it and slept in my arms or in the Moby for most of the time in all these places.  I’m very glad she is able to sleep while being carried so that we aren’t home-bound.  Now we just have to work on stationary sleeping at bedtime 😉

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