Sunday: Picture Day after a visit with family

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies and toast with butter for all!
  • LP had some almonds and raisins on the go today – he went on a super special outing to the Museum of Science with some good friends and their kids with the G-man and I got a bit of a rest at home with baby IP
  • Lunch: Boloco burritos!  LP seriously chowed down – I think he is doing another growth spurt.
  • We all snacked on cherry tomatoes this afternoon.
  • Dinner: Red flannel hash (with CSA beets) and waffles – I love breakfast for dinner!

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $9.85 on Boloco burritos
  • $25.25 on gas for the car
  • $11.52 on drinks out with two of Mom’s AMAZING students!  They got to meet the baby and we all got to catch up on summer adventures.  I love those kids – they are truly awesome!

Sunday’s Picture Gallery:

Enjoy these pictures of our family (well, really LP and IP) in action!

IP and her auntie!
LP and his “wow-wow”
Dad and his little girl
Burrito time!
Yum yum!
Shhh . . . don’t wait the sleeping baby!






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