Workout Wednesday: The Moby Wrap Workout

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate the following.

  • Breakfast: Smoothies and toast for everyone in stages.  Mom got the kid going, and then Dad came down to give Mom a little break.
  • LP had some almonds and raisins on his trip to the choo-choo train park!  This is the park that is right near the commuter rail line – he got to see three trains today!
  • Lunch: Leftover eggplant and quinoa for LP and tomato, hummus and lettuce sandwiches for Mom, Dad and Grandma.
  • Dinner: We had a delicious corn chowder with CSA corn and tomatoes, topped with basil from our garden.  We also had some cibatta from Whole foods and a side dish of collards.  Yum yum!
  • Mom, Dad and Grandma all had a few chocolate almonds for dessert (although Mom definitely had the lion’s share!)

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $30.00 for our CSA box.
  • $3.00 for peaches at the farmer’s market (LP got to pick some out all by himself!)
  • $17.19 for a few treats at Whole Foods (ciabatta, grapes, and a double pack of soymilk)

Workout Wednesday

I’m still doing two circuits every other day, and I haven’t had a chance to do any cardio yet because I’ve been using every spare hour for sleep.  But things are starting to get more in control with IP’s schedule (more on that in a future post) so I’m hoping to get back into that soon.

I’ve also been carrying IP around in the Moby carrier a lot.  The other day I read through the Moby instruction booklet and realized that there were some exercises that I could be doing when I was carrying IP around this way!  I’ve done the lunges so far, and I want to try the squats when I’m in a little better shape (my core is still pulling itself together from the whole labor thing).

This seems like a great resource, so check out this link for Moby Exercises!  Even if you don’t have a Moby carrier these exercises could probably be done using any carrier where your baby is in the front.


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