Tuesday Toddler Update: Making coffee and “mights”

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate . . .

  • Breakfast: Smoothies for Dad and LP followed by toast and tofu scramble for all of us.
  • Mom snacked on some TJ’s crackers on her way home from the store.
  • Lunch: Leftover sushi filling for Mom and some rice, cherry tomatoes (from the garden) and the remaining tofu scrambled for Dad and LP
  • Dinner: Roasted squash and waflfes
  • Mom and Dad had some chocolate covered almonds for dessert.

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $73.25 for a Trader Joe’s stock up

Tuesday Toddler Update:

Every day LP seems to have a new form of play that must be done a certain way.  Today he had a blast with the coffee maker that was still out from his aunt’s visit this weekend.  He spent most of our rainy morning making coffee by scooping imaginary beans into the grinder, making a “grinder” noise and then pouring the (imaginary) ground coffee into the filter.  He also makes sure to tell me when the “light is on” so that I know that the coffee pot is “too hot” and that it is a “no touch.”  He seems to really enjoy giving the grown-ups rules to follow.  I can certainly get that – it is much more enjoyable to make the rules than have to simply abide by them all the time!

LP has also started to get the concept of “might.”  I think it started when we had to explain to him that we “might” see trains on our walk because we weren’t sure when they would come by our overpass.  I’ve also had to tell him that the baby “might” wake up soon or “might” want to eat soon when he wants to do something I that I can’t do while feeding/rocking a baby.  A few days ago, during nap time, I told him that he needed to close his eyes and try and sleep.  He looked at me and said “Goo goo (his name for himself) might close eyes.”  And then, today during his nap, he wanted to switch from sleeping in his room to the guest room.  I told him he had to stay in his room, and he looked up at me with a little bit of a smirk and said “might close eyes in other room.”  Uh-huh kiddo.  Nice try.  I responded that he was definitely going to close his eyes in his room.  He giggled, but then took a good nap.  I’ll call it a win.

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