Thursday Baby Update: Smiles galore!

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies and bowls of cereal for all!
  • Lunch: A hummus and avocado quesadilla for LP and leftover peanutty penne for Mom and Dad
  • Mom snacked on some chocolate almonds and LP snacked on some crackers and almonds.  We also both enjoyed some oven-dried cherry tomatoes (aka “tomato raisins” as LP calls them)
  • Dinner: Tofu scramble with CSA peppers and tomatoes topped with hommade salsa and avocado.  We also had biscuits with butter – Yum!

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $209.00 on a tux rental
  • $10.00 at Whole Foods for soy milk and Earth Balance butter

Thursday Baby Update:

Our little girl is so much fun now!  She is smiling all the time.  She smiles for me and Dad, and she smiles when we show her toys and books.  But nothing makes IP smile more than her big brother!  She loves his funny faces, his version of peek-a-boo and she really loves it when she gets to sit in his lap!  She is also getting more interested in not only seeing her toys, but also grabbing them.  She reaches up to bat whatever I put in front of her, bet it a colorful baby toy or my kindle.

IP’s schedule is coming together as she gets a bit older.  She has been sleeping longer at night and that has also resulted in a much happier baby, and mom, during the day!  It also has allowed Mom to spend more time with LP, which is fantastic for everyone.  All in all, things are moving right along here in babyville!

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