Thursday Baby Update: Entertain Me!

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for Dad and LP.  They also had some toast and butter while Mom went for a run on her own (so exciting!)  Then we all had some steel-cut oats with CSA apples, and Mom had some toast of her own.
  • Lunch: Dad and LP had leftovers (stir-fry with miso broth and basil eggplant).  Mom made a black bean/chorizo/avocado quesadilla. 
  • Mom and Dad snacked on Dad’s homemade salsa and chips.  Mom also ate some (ok, a lot) of chocolate chips.
  • Dinner: Yellow-split pea dal over brown rice with Collards Redux (from The Vegan Soul Kitchen) on the side.  Delicious!  The dal was made in the slow cooker, which I am seriously learning to love.  It came out great and making the side dish (collards) was much easier since the main dish (dal) was pretty much ready to go. 
  • Mom and Dad shared a chocolate chip/peanut mix for dessert.

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $13.56 at Whole Foods for soymilk, peanut butter, refried beans (Mom really wanted some!) and coconut milk – on sale!

Thursday Baby Update:

Our little girl turned two months old this week!  It’s like they say – the days go slow but the weeks/months/years go fast.  Often the days (well, really the nights) seem to drag on forever.  I know that, someday, I will get to sleep for more that four or five hours, but those days seem very far away.

However, as far as IP herself goes, she is so much fun!  As she interacts with us all way more now that she wants to be entertained.  When I’m trying to get some things done, the G-man and LP can stall her by playing with toys and making faces until I’m ready to feed her.  Of course, the best person for this entertaining job is her big brother!  When he is in a room and she is awake (and not cranky) she will watch him wherever he goes.  We finally pulled out the activity mat for her, and she loves to hit the helicopter – mostly because her big brother showed her how!  She also seems to have a pretty good right hook based on the beating that helicopter is being subjected to.

We’re still working on a sleep schedule.  I have been putting IP down for bed between 8-9pm for the past four nights.  Two nights we had relative success – she slept until 3:30 one night and 4:30 the other.  Of the other two nights, one was pretty much a disaster (it took hours of pacing for her to finally fall asleep) and the other was just ok (she slept for a few hours at a time).  We have yet to get a nap schedule really figured out.  She has been taking a pretty consistent nap around the time LP takes a nap, which is super awesome for me and the G-man.  However, her morning nap schedule is hit or miss.  I’m hoping to have that morning nap more figured out soon so that we can make sure she gets enough quality sleep to keep her brain growing strong!

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