Tuesday Toddler Update: LP’s one-liners

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate . . .

  • Breakfast: Toasted English muffins with tofutti for LP and Dad, toast with butter for Mom.
  • Lunch: Our last Jamba Juice smoothie (we REALLY need Jamba Juice back east!) a grilled cheese for Dad and LP and a BLT for Mom and veggie soup for everyone
  • Dinner: Leftover rice and carrots, TJ’s masala burgers, sauteed zucchini and tarter tots (with lots of ketchup for LP!)

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $5.99 for our final Jamba Juice – delicious pomegranate paradise!

Tuesday Toddler Update:

Here are a few of the phrases that LP says – a LOT:

  • One more minute”
  • Two more crackers.”
  • “No need bao-bao*”
  • “Bao-bao* all done”
  • “Not bad” (usually in response to the question “Do you like [fill in the blank])
  • “No Goo-goo** do!” (often screamed when Mom and Dad try to do something horrible, like put in his shoes or unscrew the cap to his water bottle)
  • “BIIIGGG honking [fill in the blank]”  This has been said in refernce to planes, trains, construction vehicles and bites of food.

And Dad’s personal favorite:

  • “Mama, go in kitchen”


**LP’s name for himself


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