Thursday Baby Update: “Hi!”

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Cheerios and raisins . . . and, of course, a smoothie!  (Blueberry this time)
  • Lunch: Leftover cassuoulet for Dad and LP and apples with peanut butter and soy yogurt for Mom
  • Mom enjoyed some chai-spiced snickerdoodles and delicious tea for a pre-meeting snack thanks to my FABULOUS inquiry group who knows that we all think better with snacks 😉
  • Dinner: LP had some canned black bean soup, and then the G-man went and picked up Boloco burritos for the grown-ups.  The G-man and I ate in shifts while also taking care of a very cranky baby.

Money Matters:
Today we spent the following:

  • $14.81 for our Boloco burritos

Thursday Baby Update:

Well, our little girl 12 weeks old now, and technically done with her “4th trimester.”  However, you wouldn’t know if from her day today.  Since I was at work for six hours, she needed to take a bottle.  And she didn’t.  Well, to be fair, after some screaming she drank an ounce and a half.  It’s still not good enough, but we have to keep trying.  She also had a lot of trouble falling asleep tonight.  However, between the wacko bottle feeding, time change and her stuffy nose, I don’t blame the poor thing.

Other than tonight’s sleeping difficulties, IP is really moving along with her talking.  She has started to make an noise that sounds distinctly like “hi” which we find exciting.  The G-man also swears she said “da-da” during one of her screaming fits today (I think it made him feel better).  It is becoming obvious that our little girl is also getting bored more easily these days.  It used to be that, when she cried, it was because she needed to eat or sleep.  Now we find that her crying is often alleviated by a fun little toy, a funny face from her big brother, or even just a chance to converse with someone.  She and I had some very enlightening discussions about the contents of my burrito tonight.  Early next week I hope to share my new insights about formative reading assessment with her.  Then, perhaps, it will be time to start developing her academic vocabulary.

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