Thursday Baby Update: Playing and reading

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies and cold cereal for Dad and LP.  Mom had some OJ, tea and oatmeal a bit later after she and IP slept in a bit.
  • LP had some yogurt and apple at playgroup.
  • Lunch: Dad made some pasta with pesto and cauliflower.  It was a delicious hot lunch!
  • Mom snacked on an apple on her way home from a meeting. 
  • Dinner: Slow-cooker chili (with chickpeas, black beans and navy beans) and cornbread.

Money Matters:
Today we were busy with playgroup for LP, a nap schedule for IP and work for Mom.  So, no major outings and no money spent!

Thursday Baby Update:

For the last week I have been making a concerted effort to hang out and play with IP more.  This is partly due to the fact that I realized she is three months old, and that LP was doing a lot more physical stuff (like rolling over, holding his head up, etc.) by this age.  I know I haven’t been giving IP enough tummy time and play time, and I’ve been trying to remedy that.  Also, I’m hoping that when she plays more during the day she will sleep longer a night.  Ever night is a little bit better.  Fingers crossed.

IP still doesn’t enjoy tummy time very much, but she is tolerating it longer.  By far her favorite thing to do in tummy time is to watch me, Dad or LP.  She also loves to sit in laps and have conversations.  When she is getting fussy and we are trying to stall her before we feed her or put her down for sleep, having these conversations is by far the best move.  The other thing she really seems to enjoy is being naked.  Every time we change her diaper she gets a huge smile (whether her diaper is wet or not) and we take some time to tickle her tummy and play with her a bit on the changing table.

Today I sat and read IP a book (Snuggle Puppy) and she loved it!  She kept trying to grab the pages and she had her eyes glued to the book most of the time.  I can’t wait to read more to her!  Soon LP should be able to “read” some of his favorite books to her (the ones he has memorized).  She should love that since her big brother is totally her favorite member of the family!

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