Workout Wednesday: Fun Running

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate the following.

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Smoothies for Dad and LP and then toast with butter for everyone.
  • Lunch: The last of the leftover Indian food, and some leftover chili for Dad
  • Mom and Dad snacked on chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies.  LP had some apples.
  • Dinner: Roasted brussels sprouts, turnip puree and biscuits with gravy
  • Mom and Dad had a few more cookies!

Today we spent the following:

  • $30.00 for our CSA box

Workout Wednesday

I recently signed up for a 5K fun run: The Jingle Bell run in Somerville.  I’ve done it before.  It is a really fun run with lots and lots of amazing themed costumes!  I’m excited to run with some friends and to just enjoy the festivities.  It is also some nice motivation to pick up the running pace for myself so that won’t embarrass myself and fall behind all the people in massive Santa costumes.  One of my favorite parts of running that I found several years ago are these fun runs.  They are social events, community events and a great way to get some exercise on a weekend.  They are also a good start for beginning runners (like myself).  My next goal after the 5K will be a 10K, then a half-marathon.  No costumes for that last one 🙂

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