Toddler Tuesday: Large (well, still small) and in charge

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate . . .

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for Dad and LP.  Then Mom finally got up and made waffles.
  • Lunch: The last of Thanksgiving leftovers.  LP got the rest of his burrito from yesterday too.
  • Mom and Dad ate some homemade chocolate fudge while the kids were asleep.
  • Dinner: Carrot-ginger soup, roasted brussels sprouts and whole-wheat biscuits

Money Matters:

Today we hung out in the warm house (it was cold and rainy outside).  For everyone’s entertainment, Mom did her yearly closet cleaning.  However, this time she was putting maternity clothes away!  Yay!  And no money spent.

Tuesday Toddler Update:

Apparently toddlers like to be in charge and in control.  Who knew.

LP has improved his napping greatly in the past week, thanks to some smiley-face rewards.  As a result, life in our house is far more pleasant these days.  But along with his smiley face rewards, LP has a new sense of importance.  He can be in charge.  He is master of the house.  Here are a few of the things he does that makes him such an indispensable leader.

  • Whenever I say something to the G-man or he says something to me, LP repeats it.  For example, if I say “G, can you get me a glass of water?” LP says “Daddy, get water Mommy!”  If the G-man says to me “I think it is going to snow today” LP says “Dada think snow today!”  This happens when we are in different rooms, which is occasionally helpful.  This also happens when the G-man and I are two feet from each other.  Then it is like having very poor translation services.
  • LP likes to reverse roles on us.  Today he put Daddy to bed and told Daddy “no crying!!” and closed the door.  During dinner he exclaimed “Mommy!  Eat three bites soup then get biscuit!”  I thought he was referring to what he had to do during dinner.  Nope.  He was giving Mommy instructions. 
  • When IP wakes up in the morning or during naps, LP is the first one over to her.  As soon as he hears the slightest sound from her he jumps up, says “Baby IP awake!  Goo goo take care of!” and dashes over.  If the G-man and I start to go over first, he runs to get in our way.

Just a few of the ways our little guy wants to be large and in charge.  Can’t blame him too much.  Mom and Dad obviously need someone to be in charge sometimes!

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