Toddler Tuesday: Fun times in the Big Apple

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate . . .

  • Breakfast: Green smoothies for Dad and LP followed by cheerios with soymilk for everyone
  • Mom and Dad had some TJ’s corn chips during our morning shopping trip.
  • Lunch: Setian and quinoa for Mom and Dad and a hummus and avocado quesadilla for LP
  • Mom snacked on Candy Cane Joe-Joes while checking e-mail right before LP’s nap.  This led to LP going over to the couch, pulling out a binder (his “laptop”), opening it up, and saying “Goo-goo check e-mail.  Goo-goo need cookie!!”  Mom will be curbing her cookie eating – at least while children are awake.
  • Dinner: Sweet potato tacos from Color Me Vegan (as my week focused on new recipes from Color Me Vegan continues!)

Money Matters:

Today we spent the following:

  • $63.14 at Trader Joe’s
  • $26.10 at Wilson Farm’s Produce Shop
  • $40.00 for our Christmas Tree

Tuesday Toddler Update:

Last weekend we went to visit my sister in New York.  We had a fantastic time hanging out at Astoria Park and going into Manhattan to check out the Christmas decorations.  I was especially excited to take LP in to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  We all had a great time on our visit in.  First, we took the subway – always a hit with our little train fanatic!  Then, we looked at the windows at Macy’s and stopped by Starbucks for a warm drink.  Then we walked over towards Rockefeller Center, stopping at Jamba Juice along the way.  LP loves Jamba Juice ever since our CA visit.  He calls it the “smoothie store” and he seems enraptured by the fact that there is an entire store dedicated to smoothies.  Given the choice he choose the apples n’ greens one.

Anyway, after our Jamba Juice stop we fought the crowds towards Rockefeller.  We got to see the tree with all the amazing lights, and LP also got to see the Zamboni on the ice.  Finally, we made our way home on the subway.

The next day I was asking LP about his trip.  I asked him how he felt about all the parts.  Here was our conversation:

Mom: Did you like riding the train?LP: Yes!  Goo-goo like!Mom: Did you like seeing the train in the window?  (There were some trains in the Macy’s windows)LP: Mmmmm, no.Mom: Did you like going to the smoothie store?LP: Yes!  Smoothie good!  Goo-goo get green smoothie!Mom: Did you like seeing the big Christmas tree?LP: Mmmmm, ok.  See Mike Truck! (referring to Zamboni)  Then Goo-goo ride train!  Goo-goo like train!

So, next time we are in New York, we will take the subway to the nearest Jamba Juice, get a smoothie, and then go back to my sister’s apartment for take-out.  Seems like that will be the best trip ever!

Another recent highlight – reading!  LP has started wanting to read books himself.  He has memorized parts of books like Stranger in the Woods (a beautiful book – not nearly as creepy as it sounds) and Time for Bed.  He especially likes reading Time for Bed to his baby sister.  He turns the pages and says the parts he remembers from those pages.  When he gets to a page he doesn’t remember any words for he will pause, look for a moment, and then turn to me and say “Mommy read this page.  Goo-goo read next page.”  So, I’ll read.  But if I start reading a page that he wants to read he shouts “No Mama!  Goo-goo read!!!”  I’m so excited that he likes books so much.  Of course, his favorite thing to do at lunch is still to sit and eat while watching trains and construction vehicles on youtube, but so long as he likes books too all is well!

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