Workout Wednesday: Change it up

Vegan Goodness:

Today we ate the following.

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Smoothies and toast for Dad and LP and then pancakes for all of us as we decorated our Christmas tree
  • Mom and LP shared an apple for a snack
  • Lunch: Sweet potato quesadilla’s for everyone
  • Dinner: Six-shades of red soup from Color Me Vegan.  It was delicious!
  • Mom had a couple Joe Joe’s for dessert

Today we decorated for the holidays and visited the train park.  No money spent!

Workout Wednesday

This marks the second week when I’ve run several days in a row.  I dropped my circuits routine the last couple weeks mostly because I was getting bored and wanted a change.  I’ve kicked the running up a notch with three-mile runs, with the goal of going for a four-mile jaunt this weekend.  I’ve also done a 15 minute pilates workout on my “off” days for running.  There wasn’t anything wrong with my circuit routine, but I just wanted something else to work towards.  Running has also gotten me some time to myself that has led to some more clear thinking that I desperately needed.  So, for the time being I’m going to focus on the cardio – and enjoying this surprisingly warm December weather!

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