Thursday Baby Update: IP takes a bottle – Mom feels the hint of freedom!

Vegan Goodness:
Today we ate:

  • Breakfast: Blueberry smoothies for Dad and LP and then cheerios and soymilk for everyone.
  • Lunch: Quesadillas for Dad and LP and hummus and chips for Mom
  • Mom at way too many Joe Joe’s on the way home from work
  • Dinner: Tempeh “pot a feu,” a slow cooker dish from from Vegan on the Cheap.  It was ok – nothing great.

Money Matters:
Today the G-man and LP went to playgroup, then the raced home so mom could get the car and go to work.  We were so busy running around that we didn’t buy anything – no money spent!

Thursday Baby Update:

Well, it seems like the title of this post speaks for itself.  IP took a bottle today!  True, she only had about 4 ounces, but that is twice a much as any bottle she has taken.  I was starting to get worried since LP never took a bottle and just went straight to sippy cups when I went back to work in September.  He was six months old then!  I think the G-man was also relived too.  I do have to be gone from our baby girl for more than 3 hours now and again and he was starting to dread the screaming and crying that came with my departure.  Additionally, LP got to help feed the baby.  He was almost as excited as the G-man, and he applauded for his baby sister.

Besides the bottle (which is pretty exciting in and of itself) IP is also sitting up a lot this week.  She can’t quite sit up by herself for any extended period of time, but she likes to be propped up so she can play with her curiosity cube, and other toys we stick in front of her.  She just gets more and more fun by the day!

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